Hands-on learning:
circuits and electricity

with augmented reality

With the AR Circuits app you can practice building circuits without an electronics kit. Components can be printed on your home printer and brought to life using a mobile device and augmented reality technology.

AR Circuits Features

Before AR Circuits you had to purchase kits or collect components for students to get valuable hands-on practice with simple electric circuits. With the AR Circuits app you will be able to build and test realistic circuits without the expense, safety concerns, and inconveniences that come with physical electric components.

Save money

With the AR Circuits app there is no need to purchase the many new and replacement parts that physical electronics kits require. You will be able to print component cards for free from our website.

Realistic Simulations

We want to make these circuits as realistic as possible, so we designed the app to calculate the voltage and current for each component in your circuit. This is done using the same technology as professional circuit simulation software.


With AR Circuits you are eliminating waste and protecting your environment when compared to purchasing physical electronics kits. First, you are reducing the number of, often toxic, electrical components that need to be manufactured and shipped around the world. Secondly, the components you print will never lose their charge or burn-out, so you will be able to use them as long as the paper holds-up. Finally, the component cards can usually be easily recycled with other paper products. There is no need to find specialized and sometimes expensive electronics recycling programs or risk the parts being shipped to toxic recyclers in developing countries.

No Broken Bulbs

With AR circuits you don't need to worry about the broken bulbs, dead batteries, and damaged components that come with using physical electronics kits.


With AR Circuits students are working with printed paper components and a mobile device. There is no need to worry about burns from bulbs and short circuits, toxic heavy metals or other chemicals in components, and many of the other dangers that come with physical electronics kits.

Design the circuits and interact using your mobile device

Interact with components through the screen

Students start designing circuits by laying out the cards on their desk or table. They can then test and interact with the circuits using the app on their mobile device. The lamps in each circuit glow, parts can be selected for more information, properties of components can be customized, and the switches can be turned on and off.

AR Circuits app - Voltmeter

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