Updates to voltmeter and bulbs

AR Circuits · September 7, 2016
AR Circuits

A new version of AR Circuits is now available for iPhone/iPad and Android. The improvements in this update include a new voltmeter layout, more reliable component tracking, and improved lamp simulations.

The most noticeable improvement in the latest update is with the voltmeter. You are now able to customize components while the voltmeter tool is active. This makes it easier to observe changes in voltage that result from changes you make to circuit components. The voltmeter display has been moved to the lower right of the screen to accommodate this change. To test out this new feature build a series circuit as shown in the picture above. After placing the voltmeter on the circuit adjust the bulb resistance to observe changes in voltage.

Component tracking and lamp simulations have also been improved in the latest update. The upgrades to component tracking should result in a smoother more reliable augmented reality experience while using AR Circuits. Additionally, improvements to the lamp simulations will make it easier to observe changes in lamp brightness. Students should now be able to more easily observe the effects that various circuit configurations have on the light output of lamps.

If you already purchased the AR Circuits app you can upgrade to the latest version for free using the standard upgrade process on your device. The app is available for purchase on the App Store for iPhone/iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. Please take a moment to rate AR Circuits in the App Store or on Google Play. Ratings help us to improve the app and helps other students and educators to discover it.