Update with voltmeter and more

AR Circuits · July 20, 2016
AR Circuits

An update to the AR Circuits app is now available for iPhone and iPad. This new version includes upgrades to many of the current features and a few new components and tools.

Before you get started with the new version, please download the updated component cards from http://arcircuits.com/parts/. The new component card set contains three additional wire components and a new “Conductors” component for experimenting with the conductance of various materials. The conductors component will place one of five materials in your circuits, so you can experiment with its ability to conduct electricity. The materials include wood, glass, steel, graphite, and aluminum. If you already have cards from the previous version of AR Circuits, then you can add the new cards to your set. The new components are Conductors (#20), Wire (#17), Wire (#18), and Wire (#19).

In addition to the new components, you will notice a few upgrades to the existing ones. First, the battery component is now capable of simulating one to four “AA” battery cells. This allows students to observe the effect that different voltages have in a circuit. The battery component will also indicate if there is a short circuit between the positive and negative sides of the battery. You will notice a red glow emitting from the battery in these situations. Additionally, all the component 3D models have been replaced with improved, more detailed, versions. You can find directions for using the new features at http://arcircuits.com/instructions.

The upgrade also brings a new tool to the AR Circuits app, a voltmeter. The voltmeter tool allows you to measure the electrical potential difference between junctions in the circuits you design. The test leads of the voltmeter can be freely placed on any component terminal in the circuit. This is a fun resource for younger students to experiment with and a great learning tool for more advanced users. Detailed instructions for using the voltmeter can be found at http://arcircuits.com/instructions.

The new version (1.3.6) can be purchased on the App Store, or if you already purchased the AR Circuits app you can upgrade it using the App Store app on your device. If you enjoy using the AR Circuits app, please take a moment to rate it in the App Store. Ratings help us to improve the app and helps other students and educators to discover it.