Component Cards for AR Circuits

Print parts at home or your local print shop

The AR Circuits app uses unique symbols on each component card or cube to make components come to life. You can download the component PDFs for printing at home, school, or your local print shop. It is important to only use components from a single set and to not mix or duplicate cards. Components sets are available as cards or cubes and with or without labels. The cubes are designed to be easier to manipulate than the standard component cards. However, using the cube sets with 2 or 3 components per cube will limit the types of circuits that you can create. Here are some additional tips for getting the best performance.

Standard Component Cards

AR Circuits Cards - Labeled

Labeled Cards

AR Circuits Cards - Labeled

Symbols Only

Component Cubes

AR Circuits Cubes - 3 Cards

3 Parts per Cube

Labels No Labels

AR Circuits Cubes - 2 Cards

2 Parts per Cube

Labels No Labels

AR Circuits Cubes - 1 Card

1 Part per Cube

Labels No Labels

Online components for AR Circuits

These browser-based component cards allow you to arrange cards on a screen and test the circuits using the AR Circuits app on a separate mobile device.


  • Avoid mixing or duplicating component sets. Each component card must be unique.

  • Place printed cards on a flat well-lit surface.

  • Component cards need to be flat and maintain their shape.

  • If you are using standard copy paper it helps to attach the component cards to thicker card paper before cutting.

  • Avoid using glossy paper or laminating the cards. The glare from lights will make it difficult for the camera to recognize the cards.

  • It is important to maintain the white border on each card for the optimum performance.

Thank you to Jaime Donally for sharing her designs for component cubes.